About Us


Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

At Sushi-Ya, we temp your palate with the perfect food: delicate, delicious sushi. Whether you are a Japanese food lover, or a new comer to the taste, we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Our wide selections of sushi, from the traditional Tuna roll to the most exotic creations, are made from the freshest ingredients.

If raw fish is not your taste, several varieties feature cured seafood.

By maintaining a tradition of excellent food and a wide variety to choose from, Sushi- Ya has become a well-known treasure to local diners for 20 years!


We serve inventive Japanese cuisine ranging from sushi, sashimi to signature dishes like carpaccios, ceviche, tartare, specialty sushi rolls; as well as classic and traditional Japanese dishes.  We offer a wide variety of rich flavored vegetarian dishes that will make your dining experience a healthy and happy one!

Opening Hours:
Monday-Saturday 12:00 m to 10 pm
Closed on Sunday

Amazing Dishes

Dishes that will change your perspective!

Great Ambience

You love it here with our traditional Japanese outlook

Catering Services

We offer a variety of options for your business or party events.

PHONE: +297 583 9982